Early Career Researchers Experimental Economics Workshop (ECREEW 2019)


On November 26, 2019, the second edition of the Early Career Researchers Experimental Economics Workshop (ECREEW 2019) will be held at the University of Santiago de Compostela, the activity is aimed at young doctors and doctoral students and will coincide with the launch of the Spanish Network of Experimental Economics.


Organized by the ECOIURIS group


  • Ana Isabel Doñate (U. Jaume I)
  • Ernesto Mesa (UV)    
  • Lara Ezquerra (UIB)
  • MariCruz Lacalle (UAM)
  • Benjamin Prisse (U. Loyola)
  • Lorenzo Estepa (ETEA)        
  • Mapi Ramos (U. Loyola)
  • Maria Alló (U. Coruña)
  • Felipe Maciel Cardoso (U. Zaragoza)
  • Antonio Alonso (UPO)
  • Ana García Hernandez (U. Nova & WZB)
  • Pablo Brañas (U. Loyola)


Universidade Santiago de Compostela

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Workshop ECREEW Santiago de Compostela, 26 November 2019

Location: Sala de Juntas, Decanato Facultad de C. Económicas, Avda Xoan XXIII s/n.

10.00 Arrival of participants (uploading of presentations to PC, name stickers, etc)

10.15 Welcome (M. Loureiro)


Session 1 (10.15-12.15): Behavior and gender

Fairness and altruism_gender differences from a punishment game. Ana Isabel Doñate (U. Jaume I)                         

Overall, in-group and out-group overplacement in known and unkown tasks: no gender differences. Ernesto Mesa (UV)     

Framing Effects on Test-Taking Behavior: Evidence from a Field Experiment, Lara Ezquerra (UIB)                  

Impact evaluation of microfinance programs on women empowerment in Guatemala. MariCruz Lacalle (UAM)            

12.15-12.30: Coffee break


Session 2 (12:30-14.30) Time & risk preferences elicitation

Eliciting time preferences with Continuous MPL. Benjamin Prisse (U. Loyola)                 

Testing different visual aid instruments in risk elicitation with rural people in Honduras. Lorenzo Estepa (ETEA)                       

Looking at creativity from east to west: risk taking and intrinsic motivation in socially and culturally diverse countries, Mapi Ramos (U. Loyola)

Eliciting discount rates and risk preferences on various settings, Alló, Maria (U. Coruña)

14.30-16.00: lunch


3rd Session (16.00-18.00): Pro-Social behavior 

Indirect donations promote social contributions. Felipe Maciel Cardoso (U. Zaragoza).  

Do firms select more ethical candidates? A field experiment. Antonio Alonso (UPO).     

Political Voice and Prosociality: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-field Experiment in Uganda. Ana García Hernandez, (U. Nova & WZB).         


18.00 Closing Pablo Brañas (U. Loyola)                

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Descargar programa Early Career Researchers Experimental Economics Workshop (ECREEW 2019)

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