María Loureiro takes part in the conferences organized by CERN on the occasion of the FCC week 2019 (June 24-28)

Between June 24 and 28, the 5th International Future Circular Collider (FCC) Conference, organized by the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN) is taking place in Brussels, with the participation of leading international researchers from various branches of research  in science, engineering and economics.

These conferences serve to review the results of the first phase of the FCC study and to discuss and set short-term objectives for the following years. The status of key technological programs in Research and Development is also reviewed. Another objective of this meeting is to strengthen the links between the collaborating institutes and write the work plans for the next design phase.

The conference given by María Loureiro on Tuesday, June 25 is entitled "Rethinking the public value of science" and its presentations can be consulted below.

Presentation of María Loureiro at CERN

General Program of the FCC Conferences


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