Proposta metodolóxica sobre a avaliación dos incendios forestais no Alto Minho, Portugal

Methodological proposal on the evaluation of forest fires in Alto Minho, Portugal.

This project allows us to characterize the impact of forest fires in the study area, Alto Minho (consisting of 10 municipalities), analyzing the type of existing forests. To deepen the analysis of the fires that caused a greater number of hectares burned, the focus was on those caused during the month of October 2017. To assess the different flows of ecosystem services and other social impacts, contributions to Literatures are significantly broad in terms of valuation methods. There are more appropriate methodologies for the evaluation of each of the indicated services, recommending the InVEST model for the estimation of the most relevant ecological functions.

Amount: 65134.30€

Code: 2018-CP021

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February, 2018 to June, 2019
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